I’ve heard/read few people talking about using flashcards to make it better for them to memorize or even just to practice the new words. Since now I’m starting to use characteres, it’s another stuff to learn too. So I decided to give it a try.

I got some papers who ere about to be trow into the bin and i decided to ‘reuse’ it and make some simple flashcards. Like those you can see here:


Actually it has been great to practice. I like to test myself using random words to see if i really know them, so this has been great. On one side i write the character and the pinyin and on the back i write the meaning of it.

I am liking it, actually. I’m just wondering how many of those I will get in a few months… haha


Yes, I know I know.. the camera on my phone sucks. I promise I’ll try to take better pictures next time!