Homework: shopping and bargain

I was doing my homework today when i realized that it would be a good idea to share it here.

Right now I’m learning some key words about shopping and bargain. SO I had to create a dialogue where I try to buy something and then I have to talk about sizes, collors and try to bargain a better price. Well, my vocabulary is not much yet.. and I’m still a beginner (please *always* remember that..) and so far, I have only used pinyin. We (teacher and I) have decided to keep focusing on pronounciation and know how chinese structure works before using the characters.  So the whole dialogue is written like that.

Oh, of course, if you know chinese and wants to correct me, please feel free!

Oh², I can only type 2 kinds of tones on my computer (` and´) so since i can’t type them all, I decided to only write the number of the tone by the side of the word (ex: shen2 = shén)

Ok, shall we?



A: Ni3 hao3! Ni3 mai3 shen4 me?

B: Ni3 hao3. Wo3 ke3 yi3 shi4 shi yi1shuang1 xie2 ma?

A: Ke3 yi3, ni3 chuan1 duo1 da4 hao3 de?

B: zhong1 hao3 de. (i choose this cause i don’t know about shoes sizes in chinese..)

A: Hao3 de.

B: Wo3 xiang3 yi1 dianr3 xiao3. You3 dianr3 da4 ma?

A: Hao3 de. Shi4 you4.

B: Wo3 bing4 yao4 yi1shuang1 wa4 zi. Yi3jian4 hei1 de.

A: Hao3 de.

B: Duo1 shao3 qian2?

A: Yi3 gong4 qi1 shi2 kuai4.

B: Tai4 gui4 le! Pian4 yi dianr3 ba?

A: Ni3 shuo1 duo1 shao3 qian2.

B: Liu4 shi2 kuai4 ba?

A: Hao3 de.

B: Xie4 xie. Zhe4 ge yi1 bai3 kuai4.

A: Bu4 ke4 qi. Zhao3 ni3 si4 shi2 kuai4.  Zai4 jian4.

B: Zai4 jian4!