Chinese learning resolutions

Making new years resolutions is always very important so you can keep the track of your own growth and you never forget the things you really want to do, even during all day by day distractions.

After thinking about all the things I want to reach now in 2012 I came to think that I have been on and off oh chinese for about 2 or 3 years now. I have never been serious about it and that’s why I’m still a begginer after all this time. Well, no more excuses for this new year!!

I got mostly inspired by a post discussion and  this post. So I guess it’s a great chance to take it seriously this time and really start to learn and *speak* chinese! Create public blog and post my goals makes me put some more effort, since I don’t want to embarass myself in front of everyone.

By this, I’m mking a commitment of:

  1. NEVER miss any of my chinese classes
  2. ALWAYS review the new words learned and keep reviewing even when I don’t have classes
  3. Post here at least once a week about my development and all the new things I have learned.

So, goals for learning chinese in 2012:

  1. Take chinese classes 3 times a week,
  • always paying all the attention that is required;
  • always preparing myselff to the classes, making sure i completed the homework and made a review of the last class.

2.  Study by myself,

  • reviewing the audio lessons at least once a day;
  • making personal notes and abstration from each lesson;
  • studying them everyday for at least 30 minutes.
3.  Posting on Blog
  • post at least once a week, reporting my development;
  • post other things related to chinese language that I think it might be interesting.

Any other ideas of what should i set as a goal? I’m free to recieve sugestions!

And why The Gyoza Dilemmas you may ask? Well, it’s obvious. I’m addicted to gyoza! =]


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