Another thing I always like to do is to watch movies/dramas/TV shows – whatever – that I can listen to the new language, get used to the colloquial spoken language and also get used to the new culture. So I’m trying to watch Chinese stuff (or, at least mandarin spoken ones) so I can practice my listening a little bit. Although I admit it, I always watch with subtitles… but anyway! At least I can listen to it!

I don’t know if anyone will read what I wrote since I usually don’t read others reviews, so I don’t expect anyone else to read about it either. If I like the movie, I like it and I usually don’t look to know what others people think about it. But if you want to watch mandarin spoken movies, I’ll try to update here with some of my favorite tips as much as it’s possible. Oh, let me warn you. I am a girl and I like girly stuff. So… most of all… I will recommend girly stuff!! But okay… I will try to watch some other genres to please everyone that might get here someday!

And well, this will be MY point of view. Just a regular person writing randomly about stuff I like. So please don’t compare it to any professional work out there.


So, my first try, a few months ago, was the Taiwanese “Hear me”.

Genre: Romance
Director: Cheng Fen Fen
Cast: Eddie Peng Yuyan, Chen Yihan, Michelle Chen, Lo Peian, Lin Meihsiu
Rating: PG

Yang Yang (Chen Yi Han) and her elder sister, Xiao Peng (Chen Yan Xi) are born with hearing disabilities and they communicate using sign language in their daily lives. Xiao Peng joins the swimming team for the disabled and has ambition to participate in the Olympic one day. Yang Yang is always there to give her the fullest support.

Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng), who provides lunch catering to the swimming team are impressed with the sisters’ relationship and starts to develop his feeling for Yang Yang. He even provides free lunch box to Yang Yang with extra ingredients. Yang Yang, although is from poor family knows that she needs to repay him back one day by calculating the amount of lunch boxes she receives from him.

Tian Kuo understands the hardship of the sisters and willing to wait patiently for her in order to chat with Yang Yang online on MSN. Their relationship grows stronger day by day and Tian Kuo hopes to marry her in the future. One day Yang Yang realizes she spent too much time with Tian Kuo that she has neglected her sister and she decides to break off their relationship… ~~

I guess it was my first mandarin spoken movie I ever watched and I was very trilled to it. The synopsis sounded good, the storyline interesting… Guess how surprised I got when I finally understood that the movie was basically all about deaf people? Well, I read that before but I guess I didn’t quite realized that deaf people also DON’T SPEAK! But I decided to watch it anyway and I decided to share with you all because, despite of not much spoken scenes, the movie is still great.

For me, it’s lovely how the story happens. Yang Yang is a very hard working girl who does everything to help her sister, Xiao Peng, to train for the deflympics. Their bound is very touching. And I love to see how the sisters love each other.

When Tian Kuo and Yang Yang met on the deafly center where Xiao trains,   they assumed that everyone around there were deaf but … well, watch the movie.

Tian Kuo got impressed by her, and tried to get closer to her, but she was always so busy ad running somewhere else, from a job to another.

He eventually gets closer to the sister and got touched by her friendship and how hard their work to make each other happy. Since he has an easier life, he tries to help them as much as he can. And then he start to be part of the sister’s life. And yes, as you must have predicted, Tian Kuo falls for Yang Yang and some more drama involves the movie.

I think how the whole story happens is adorable. Very soft and gentle. I miss this on occidental movies, sometimes. Like kissing scenes. On Asian movies they are so rare and so troublesome, that it makes it kind of funny. But also, it makes the scene deeper and makes you value the moment. So, of course, before the so longing kissing scene happens a lot of drama goes through.

Well, I liked the movie a lot. I think it’s delicate and cute. And no one dies at the end! Yay! \o/ It really annoys me how on romances someone always die at the end. I’m so tired of stories like that… the dialogue on the movie is funny. Eddie Peng brings a lot of life to Tian Kuo character. By the way, I LOVE all the scenes with his parents!

They are so nosy, so loud! But they are a family with lots of love and it’s touching the scene when they met Yang Yang.  I honestly thought they would be opposite to him dating a deaf girl, but no, they completely accepted her and tried their best to get close to her! It’s a movie full of companionship, understanding and family love.

Another good point is the soundtrack. It’s ADORABLE. Honestly? I settled the main song as my ringtone. I love it =]